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Here at Locktek Locksmith, we believe in giving value to our customers. We offer a variety of everyday discounts including military, student, senior citizen among others. We also offer unique ones that only we offer, for example one of our owners biggest hobbies is scuba diving if a customer presents there c-card at the time of service they will recieve a discount. For all the Cascade Hills members out there mention that your a member and 10% of the profits of your job will be donated to the whatever it takes fund. We look for any way that we can add value and keep your choosing Locktek Locksmith for all your security needs. We will go that extra mile for you to ensure that the next time you need anything you will be sure to choose us. Locktek Locksmith is also one of the few businesses left that operates debt free. What does that mean to our customers? That means that we dont have as much of the big overhead costs as other companies and in return can do the same work for a fraction of the cost. We look forward to serving you in the future whether it be an unfortunate lockout or rekeying your brand new home call us today at 706-604-0991 and find out just how much we can save you!

How much do we charge?

Well that depends on alot of things. If you call us during normal hours 8am-8pm est you will find the prices are the same but say you call for a lockout at 1:30 am you will find the prices slighty higher, other reasons for adjustment in price is the type of lock being keyed or the type of key being cut a mul-t-lok key for example is more expensive to cut or reky then a standard schlage or a kwikset. We can not set a certain price for one specific thing, because there are just to many variables to decide the best thing to do is just call us and we woud be happy to give you a fast and free estimate or consult and discuss solutions and prices for your problems and security needs.

Curious about Locksmithing? Confused about the difference between cutting a key and duplicating a key?

Want to prepare before you explain your lock problem over the phone?

Help Locktek help you! Brush up on the most commonly used terms in locksmithing with Locktek’s Glossary of Locksmith Terms, or just call us with your questions at 706-604-0991.

Access Control System A system wherein many parties have access to a common door, gate, or other locked area. A building manager or other administrator has control over who has access and who doesn’t, and to what areas. Commonly used in commercial buildings.
An uncut key. In the case of transponder keys, a key that is both uncut and unprogrammed.
Change locks [service] Replace old lock hardware with new lock hardware, meaning the entire doorknob, deadbolt, mortise, lever, etc. Locktek Locksmith can re-key the new lock to fit your existing keys, or give you new keys with your new lock.
Chip Key (see Transponder Key)
The part in a lock that turns when you turn your key inside it. It activates the locking mechanism. Can be changed without changing the entire lock for purposes of re-keying.



Cut Key [service] Create a new key; not to be confused with key duplication.
A door lock usually employing a key cylinder on one side and thumbturn on the other. More secure than a doorknob because it cannot be picked. Can be single or double-sided (key entryway on one or two sides). We recomend a dead bolt on every access point along with a door knob.
Doorknob Round-handled hardware for securing a door. Also known as Entry Door Knob or lockset.


Duplication (see Key Duplication) [service] make a copy of an existing key; not to be confused with cutting a key. It is not recommended to make duplicates of duplicates because of copying errors.
High-Security Lock A heavy-duty lock that provides more security than other locks. Frustrates picking attempts, thwarts drilling, and often provides key control. Locktek Locksmith carries many brands and styles of high security locks, just ask us and we will be happy to go over them with you.


Key Duplication [service] make a copy of an existing key; not to be confused with cutting a key.
Key Reconstruction [service] create a key to match an existing lock when all original keys have been lost.
Keyless Entry Method of opening locks without a traditional key. Method can be electronic or mechanical. For example, numbered keypad, fob, proximity card, magnetic stripe card.
Lock Hardware for securing doors, including doorknobs, deadbolts, and latches are all types of locks.


Laser Key A key cut using a special laser cutting machine. Cannot be duplicated on regular duplicating machines. Not all locksmiths carry laser cutting technology.

Lock Re-Key 
(see Re-Key) [service]

 [service] When the locksmith opens a lock of any type. Usually for cars, houses, or apartments.


Master Key Opens all locks on the corresponding Master Key System. Individual keys on the system are limited to opening individual locks. Useful for building managers, commercial buildings, and property managers.
Master Key System A system in which one “master” key can open all the individual locks in the system, but individual-door keys can only open a single door.
Re-Key [service] Manipulate a lock so that different keys open it.
Transponder Key (also known as Chip Key or Electronic Chip Key) A vehicle key with an electronic chip lodged in the head. The chip has a code that the car is programmed to recognize. Without a correctly programmed chip in the key, the ignition will not start.

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